Terms and conditions


It is important that you understand and accept these conditions before making your reservation.


1st ACCEPTANCE.- The client accepts the following conditions for the occupation of the property for tourist use for the period, amount and occupants object of this contract.

2nd EQUIPMENT.- The client assumes responsibility for the conservation of the apartment, the furniture and the equipment as they found it at the entrance and undertakes to leave it in the same state at the exit, while returning the keys to the apartment. apartment.

3rd OCCUPANTS.- Clients may only accommodate the maximum number of people defined in the apartment's characteristics.

4. NEIGHBORS.- All the occupants of the apartment undertake to respect the residents of the building and nearby houses, not making annoying noise or playing music at inappropriate volumes. Reserves the right to cancel this contract with immediate effect and without compensation in case of serious breach of these rules of respect for neighbors.

5th CLEANING.- The apartment will be made available to the client properly cleaned. The client undertakes to leave the apartment in reasonable cleanliness conditions without garbage or food remains.

6th GUARANTEE.- The client will leave a cash guarantee deposit at the entrance for the amount specified in the reservation. This deposit will be fully returned upon departure except in the event that defects are detected in the apartment, furniture or equipment or situations of extreme dirt and debris. The cost of restoring the conditions that the apartment had at the entrance will be deducted from the amount of the deposit.

7th DEPARTURE.- The client agrees to vacate the apartment and return all the keys before 10 am on the day of departure. In the event that the apartment is not vacated, the client will pay a daily amount of double the contracted daily amount as well as claims for damages that may be objected by other people with confirmed reservations.

8th. WATER CONSUMPTION: Due to water restrictions in the entire area, the maximum water consumption per person per day staying in the house is 159 liters, according to the law approved by the City Council. In the event of a penalty for excessive water consumption, the fine will be deducted from the security deposit.




To reserve the accommodation you have to pay 40% of the total rent. The remaining 60% must be paid two days before your arrival, by Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer. The accommodation may not be occupied under any circumstances if the entire rent and the deposit have not been paid .

Reservation occupants

The person who makes the reservation has the obligation to make a declaration of how many people will occupy the house at the time of making the reservation. ( People over 16 and under 16). This mandatory communication will necessarily have to be accompanied by a photocopy of the passports, DNI's or identification documents of each and every one of the occupants of the home. This documentation will have to be provided simultaneously to the reservation. If you do not receive any of the documents, you will have to take them to the office the day of your arrival, so that Begur Rentals can make photocopies.

All this in accordance with the order IRP/418/2010, of August 5, in force since October 1, 2010, on the obligation to register and notify the General Directorate of the Police of people staying in accommodation. located in Catalonia.

Reservation changes

The agency reserves the right to substitute the accommodation for another with similar or better characteristics, when for reasons of force majeure, beyond the control of the Agency, the accommodation could not be occupied. This eventual substitution will only be carried out in cases of force majeure.

Cancellation policy:

- Less than 60 days from the day of entry: 100% refund

- Less than 30 days from the day of entry: 50% refund

- Less than 29 days from the day of entry: 0% refund


Upon arrival, the deposit corresponding to your accommodation (€500) will be blocked on your credit card, which will be released again once it has been verified, at the end of the rental, that the accommodation has been left in the same conditions that it was delivered to you. The release of the deposit will be made a maximum of one week after your departure, as long as there is no incident.

posted prices

The prices shown on the web include:
• Final cleaning • Sheets, towels, bath mats and kitchen towels for the people who occupy the accommodation.

In case you want additional cleaning, you will have to hire it in the office on the day of arrival. The cleaning price is €23/hour including taxes and the minimum contract is 3 hours.
If you want a change of sheets and towels during your stay, you will have to hire it at the office on the day of your arrival. The price of changing sheets and towels is €25 per person including taxes.

Tourist tax

The price does NOT include the current tourist tax or rate.

Through Law 5/2012, of March 20, on fiscal, financial and administrative measures, the Parliament of Catalonia has created the tax on stays in tourist establishments. The tourist tax in BEGUR RENTALS, SL accommodations is €1 per night and per person (under 16s exempt). Payment of this fee is not included in the price and must be paid in cash at the office on the day of arrival.

The payment of this fee is subject to regulatory and quantitative changes according to current legislation.

Consumption of water, electricity and gas

Water consumption will be controlled by online meter reading through the website of the Water Company. In the case of consuming more water than allowed by the Drought Decree, the fine will be paid by the tenants.

Electricity will be paid according to consumption and will be paid at the price of Kw for the days of the stay. Meter reading will be done at the entrance and at the exit. The resulting amount will be subtracted from the deposit.



The entrance to the accommodation will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In case of not being able to arrive before 8:00 p.m., you will have to inform the agency to reach an agreement for the collection of the keys. In case of not having paid the amount of the pending rent, it will be paid by credit card through a telephone call.

The house cannot be occupied by more people than those indicated on the website. In case there are excess people in the house, the agency will not admit people who exceed this maximum occupancy, will cancel the reservation and make the house completely vacated. In this case, the tenants will lose the amounts paid so far, as well as the deposit that will act, additionally, as a compensatory amount.


is strictly prohibited (unless previously agreed with the agency). If the agency detects that there is a pet without your permission, the deposit will not be returned and may require you to leave the accommodation immediately.


At the time of entry, along with the keys to the house, you will be given a card to access the containers. In the house you will find all the information on door-to-door garbage collection and the location of the nearest containers.

Do not leave garbage in the house or garden for hygiene and to avoid invasions of ants.


In the event of finding or causing a defect, you must immediately notify BEGUR RENTALS, SL in order to resolve it as soon as possible.

Incidents of any kind with the WIFI or telephone service may not give rise, in any case, to claims against the Agency.

Turn off the exterior lights during the day, VERY IMPORTANT, and make a responsible consumption during the night hours.

Do not leave floats or toys in the pool to ensure the proper functioning of the filter, otherwise the pool will turn green or cloudy.

Do not leave sun loungers, toys or garden furniture on the lawn at night to ensure the proper functioning of the automatic irrigation.

Close the umbrellas, parasols and awnings if it is windy, if they go to sleep or if they are absent from the house.

If the pool lights are manual, turn them off when not in use.

Furniture and utensils: if you move any interior or exterior furniture, before leaving the house, leave it as it was when you entered the accommodation (tables, beds, chairs, sun loungers, etc. ) .

Barbecue: only use charcoal, never use wood or firewood.

Failure to comply with any of these basic rules of behavior may result in the loss of the deposit deposited , as well as the imputation of damages that non-compliance may cause in the home.

House's rules:

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the property.
  • Parties are NOT allowed.
  • Groups of young people are NOT accepted
  • It is NOT allowed to make noise after 11pm.
  • The house cannot be occupied by more people than those indicated in the reservation
  • The electricity consumed will be borne by the tenants to promote responsible consumption. A meter reading will be carried out and the amount corresponding to the KW consumed will be paid.
  • Water consumption will be controlled by meter reading. In the case of consuming more water than allowed by the Drought Decree, the fine will be paid by the tenants.


In case of non-compliance with the rules of the house, the deposit will not be returned and may require you to leave the accommodation immediately. In this case, the tenants will lose the amounts paid so far as well as the deposit that will act, additionally, as a compensatory amount. Read General Booking and Contract Conditions.


Before 10:00 a.m. (it is very important to respect the departure time for cleaning coordination). Failure to respect this departure time without justification may result in the loss of the deposit.

How to leave the house when you leave

The accommodation must be delivered tidy and collected.

Make sure you have closed all doors and windows to the outside before you come to the office to hand over the keys and have turned off all the lights.

You are responsible for throwing away your garbage, as well as for leaving the house tidy and collected.

Garbage: In case of leaving the garbage in the accommodation and/or if the house is delivered particularly dirty or messy, you will be exposed to losing the deposit or having a plus for extra cleaning that will amount to €250 deducted.

Barbecue: you are responsible for leaving the barbecue clean before leaving the house. If we find the barbecue especially, a plus will be discounted for extra cleaning that will amount to €60

Damages and deficiencies

If you find a deficiency or irregularity in the accommodation, notify the agency as soon as possible. Otherwise, this deficiency will be attributed to you on the day of departure from the accommodation. It is noted that the house will be thoroughly inspected by agency staff. In the event of any type of fault, notify the agency as soon as possible so that it can solve the problem as soon as possible. Don't wait to say it on the last day.


Parents are responsible for damages caused by children who are under their parental responsibility and who live with them.

Parents have the duty to monitor and control their minor children, to make them comply with the rules of the house and to respond for damages as active agents -causing the damage- or as passive subjects -victims of the damage-, exonerating the property or the rental agency from any responsibility, civil or criminal, for any damage that minors may suffer in the house.

The acceptance of these clauses implies that the lessee declares that he has carefully read all the conditions set forth above, has understood them and is willing to comply with and respect them. Likewise, it declares that it is aware that failure to comply with any of them will result in the loss of the deposited deposit or the penalty expressly provided for in each section if it exists.

The signature of the holder of the reservation implies the acceptance of all the previous conditions.